Friday, April 8, 2011

star wars cupcake toppers

i have a confession to make. i've never actually seen star wars.. nor am i interested in ever seeing it. so when a lady from work asked if i'd make up 2 dozen star wars cupcakes for her son's 6th birthday party, two things went through my head:

1. kids that age like star wars?? {apparently yes, it is all the rage right now! should have known.}
2. i need to do some major googling to see what characters are involved

so that's exactly what i did. i consulted my friend google and came across this post from the MeckMom blog where she shares free star wars printables. perfect!

i downloaded the printable, printed them off on larger paper (11x17") and got cutting. after cutting out about 50 tiny circles, i cut out some more circles. i wanted to make sure that each cupcake had 2 colours and 2 characters to try and elminate the fighting. {did i mention she's having 17 kids to the birthday party? i can only imagine the "no i want blue, no i want [insert character name i don't know here]".. she is brave!}

i got two thicker pieces of scrapbook paper and used a very official tracing tool {ahem - or a champagne glass} and traced then cut out 50 circles.

i glued all the little character circles onto the scrapbook paper circles, and attached toothpics with some hot glue to each one.

i pressed two different colour circles together using a bit more hot glue and voila! star wars cupcake toppers.

the cupcakes are chocolate in red liners with blue buttercream, a little blue sugar and a cupcake topper.

hope they like them!

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